I write and edit for broad-spectrum media consumption:
I have a proven history of writing creative nonfiction for print and various media output, including features writing, positional statements, Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor, technical writing, crisis communications, and public service announcements.

I am a creative problem solver:
I have a diverse background and work history, and I bring the wealth of my experience to bear against the challenges of a swiftly-changing profession. Whatever the situation, I consider my agility, sensitivity, and responsiveness to be tremendous assets.

I am an optimist, grounded in reality:
In a perfect world, communications and design would be an intuitive, organic process. I am a professional who has the experience to gauge whether a project is changing direction, or changing scope. I keep extensive documentation of all projects, and know that they exist interdependently. In me, you will find a committed, enthusiastic employee, ready to dig in and fulfill your needs.

It’s about people:
My professional experience has given me a unique opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds, abilities, identities, classes, faiths, cultures and ages. My work builds a strategic, fully-formed identity that strikes a balance between your core values and the demographic you wish to engage. I believe in building community, on-screen or in person.

Ultimately, it’s about you:
Media is not a job: it’s a constant source of passion and inspiration for me. I aim to forge partnerships, not to collect clients: if I choose to work with you, I believe in your mission. Crafting content and a unique, approachable voice is difficult work, and I consider it a noble task. I thrive in dynamic environments and diverse teams, because it helps us grow individually and collectively.

Just here for a résumé? Privacy concerns leave me no recourse but to ask you to request one via email.
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